Resistance Soldering Unit

Resistance Soldering Unit and accessoriesDesigned by the late Mike Grey, a 4mm modeller, member of the Institution of Electrical Engineers and a senior lecturer in electrical engineering, the London Road Models RSU was first introduced in 1994. In excess of three thousand have been produced and supplied to modellers in a variety of scales from 2mm to Gauge 1, as well as professional builders and other manufacturers.

The RSU is supplied ready assembled in a purpose built case incorporating a highly specified 100VA transformer and professional quality components. Five different voltage/power settings are available by selecting the appropriate pair of connectors. The specially manufactured carbon probe holder and insulated handle is fitted with flexible silicon cable for easy handling. The case has been revised and is now manufactured from stainless steel, unlike the earlier unit shown in the photograph, which featured an enamelled cover and an aluminium front plate. The instructions supplied describe how to provide a suitable “return lead work plate” as well as other methods providing a suitable return connection with the supplied return lead, in addition to covering the basic techniques for using an RSU.

Replacement probe holder and lead sets, as well as carbon probes, are available separately. These can be found listed in the “Various” section of this website, under “Gears, motors, etc., soldering materials and tools”.

Articles on soldering techniques using the our RSU can be found in MRJ issues 74 and 82. Demonstrations of resistance soldering are often given at major finescale model railway shows. usually featuring the London Road Models RSU.

Priced at £245.00, the RSU is available for collection at exhibitions or delivery by Royal mail at £ 9.05 (this cost is due to its weight).