2011 Catalogue (No 17)

Michael Clark - Masokits Masterbits Range

Etched 4mm parts for detailing fanatics.


Notes on the Range of Components

The Masokits Masterbits Range of components has been designed to be added to other manufacturers' kits to provide a high standard of detailing.

Unless otherwise stated, only the etched brass is provided. Wire, pins, screw, bolts etc. must be provided by yourself.

Please note that all the components and kits listed here are for 4mm scale.

Some items are for P4/S4 or EM only. Please check descriptions carefully before ordering.

Many of these parts are very small and are therefore not generally suitable for those with very poor eyesight or for children under 14 years old.

A good standard of modelling skills and patience will be required for most items. The degree of difficulty is indicated where appropriate.

Terms of Trading

Please check my terms of trading before ordering. Terms of Trading

Masokits Catalogue and Price List No 17

Published September 2011. Known to be current in January 2013

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Overseas Orders

Overseas orders postage and packing must be calculated from the Royal Mail table of charges and the table of weights of Masokits components. Packaging weight (100grams) must be included.

A completed Table of Weights must be included with the order.


Table of Weights of Masokit Components Royal Mail postage weight calculator