New Products

This page contains details of London Road Models most recently introduced items.

Several new locomotive, rolling stock and infrastructure kits are under development for introduction in 2019. These include several LNWR kit loco and rolling stock kits, a GNR/LNER loco, an updated Steve Barnfield NER S3/LNER B16 kit and several others. Details will appear here when they become available.


GNR/LNER Q2 0-8-0 kit. This kit was developed by Frank Davies for the Shipley MRS Clayton project, as featured in a recent MRJ, the build also has a blog on RMWeb. The kit is beautifully designed, and etched in brass and nickel silver with optional parts to build inside valve gear, which can be made to work if required. Castings are mainly in brass.


GNR J5. A further addition to our range of GNR/LNER 0-6-0s. The body is etched in brass with a nickle silver chassis and mostly brass fittings. It includes a jig to help with the accurate forming of the one piece cab side/roof

LNWR 32′ six wheel carriages

Just released five new 32′ vehicles. All first, all third, luggage composite, luggage third, Passenger Brake van. As with the 32′ invalid saloon and the inspection saloon previously released, They are etched in 12 thou brass for the bodies with pre-formed plastic roof, white metal and brass castings. The Cleminson 20′ wheelbase underframe is etched in 15thou nickel silver.

LNWR station furniture

  • LNWR Parcel Hand cart
  • LNWR Four wheeled platform trolley
  • LNWR fogmans hut
  • LNWR Water column.

LNWR W-Iron sets

Etched in 15 thou Nickel silver, they are designed specifically to be used with the Ratio LNWR wagon kits for those who wish to compensate or spring them, they are also suitable for any 9′ wheelbase LNWR wagons. Supplied with an etched mounting plate to hold the two w-irons square to the wagon and parallel with one another also at the correct distance apart. The set is sufficient for two wagons (the Ratio kits were sold in pairs), with bearings and sufficient wire to compensate or spring them on the “Prickly Pear” springy beam system.

TVR K/L class conversion kit

This is an etched brass add-on kit to convert our L&Y Barton- Wright 0-6-0 kit to a TVR K/L class. Both the L&Y and TVR bought standard Kitson 0-6-0s, although the L&Y specified some minor changes hence the slight differences. The kit includes Cab front, cab sides, cab roof,  new slotted splashers with sandboxes and smokebox wingplate. See L&Y locomotives section for further details and price.

LNWR/LMS Renown 4-4-0.

The latest LNWR/LMS loco kit is the 4-4-0 Renown. The prototypes were rebuilt from the Jubilee and Alfred the Great classes between 1908 and 1922, with a total of 72 locomotives being modified. Often referred to as “Small Precursors”, they lasted until 1931.The kit includes the newly designed 2500 gallon Webb tender, also available separately.

GNR/LNER/BR D3 4-4-0.

29 GNR D2 class with a flat footplate were rebuilt to GNR D3/LNER D3 4-4-0s as depicted by this new kit. 19 lasted into BR days, the last being scrapped in 1951. Four different cabs were fitted over their working lives, early or late Ivatt, Stainmore side window (3 locos) and finally that fitted to number 2000 (later 62000), a Directors loco. The kit provides all these cab options plus the parts to provide the other minor variations they carried. Either of the two existing Ivatt tenders from the LRM range are supplied with the kit, the Horseshoe or Self Trimming types.

Cowans Sheldon 42′ and 50′ Turntable kits.

Now available are the kits for a Cowans Sheldon 42′ and 50’turntables, the following parts are all available

  • Etched turntable kits including bearings, etc.
  • Vac formed wells including circular rail and C&L chairs
  • Turntable stanchions – single rail
  • Turntable stanchions – two rail
  • Geared drive motor, coupling and mounting bracket