Gears, motors, etc., soldering materials and tools

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4mm Hornblocks, lost wax brass castings including either 1/8″ or 2mm bearings

Pack of Two (one axle) £5.00
Pack of Four (Two axles) £10.00
Pack of Four plus beam and pivot material. (Two axles) £10.75
Pack of Four plus beam material and blanking plates. (Two axles) £11.00
CSB/Spring adaptors for LRM hornblocks (etched) sufficient for an 0-6-0.
Instructions (PDF)
Photo available 1/8″ Alignment Jigs – stainless steel (set of three) £4.50

Swing – Link Extended Drive Motormounts

Available in 38:1 or 50:1 ratios, Ultrascale type. Provides a variety of motor positions to locate the motor above the frames – especially useful when using larger motors with OO frame spacers. The motor mount diagram (see GB4 etched motor mounts below) is drawn to scale and can be used to identify how to fit the motor/motor mount into your model. Final drive gear fits standard 1/8″ axle. Includes gears, worm, bearings and intermediate shaft.
Please stipulate worm bore (1.5mm or 2.0mm ) for either type.

Etched Motor Mounts

GB4 Single stage motor mount, accepts all Mashima can motors (specify gear type and screw spacing) includes bearings. Ideal for use with small locos, with the motor ahead of and driving the rear axle, angled up into the firebox. This leaves the cab clear, and makes it easy to fit the body onto the chassis. Gears supplied separately (see below).
You can download a copy of  the etched motor mount and swing link outlines by clicking on this link  Diagrams of motor mounts (PDF)

Gears 1/8th” axle (please specify 1.5mm or 2.0mm shaft size).

38 to 1 “Ultrascale” type, with wormgear boss grubscrew fixing £7.00
50 to 1 “Ultrascale” type with wormgear boss grubscrew fixing £7.00

Bushes, Bearings, Etc.

Top Hat Bushes or Square Bearings (per pack) £3.00


We are now out of stock of Mashima motors and are looking into suitable alternatives.

Soldering Materials and Tools

145 Solder – (3 metres) An excellent, free flowing solder, for etched kit assembly. £4.00
Low Melt (73 degree) solder for assembling white metal kits and attaching w/m castings to etched kits. £4.00
188 Solder Paint Solder – available for collection at shows only. £7.00
Aluminium Soldering Clamps (five) £1.80
Gravity Powered Rivet Embossing Tool £13.00
Resistance Soldering Unit.

The London Road Models Resistance Soldering Unit (RSU) has been available for many years and is the best established unit on the UK market. It is supplied ready assembled in a purpose built case incorporating a highly specified 100VA transformer and professional quality components. Five different voltage settings are available by selection the appropriate connections. The specially manufactured carbon probe holder and insulated handle is fitted with flexible silicon cable for easy handling. The instructions supplied describe how to provide a suitable ‘return lead work plate’ as well as other methods providing a suitable return connection with the supplied return lead, in addition to covering the basic techniques for using an RSU. See the separate section on our RSU for more information.
Owing to its weight, the RSU is available for collection at exhibitions or UK Mainland delivery by Parcel Force at a rate of £13.70.

Replacement copper coated carbon rods 12″ length £1.50
RSU Probe and lead set. A replacement probe handle with brass collett as supplied with our RSU. Fitted with flexible silicon leads and 4mm plugs. Supplied with 5mm carbon rod. £36.00
A simple guide to building etched kits, by Jol Wilkinson £2.50
Motors and Motor mounts – how to choose and install the correct one
(includes scale acetate overlay for accurate motor mount selection)