Dave Bradwell Kits in 4mm Scale

L1 chassis for Hornby body
L1 chassis for Hornby body

My kits are of etched brass and nickel silver with details cast mainly in brass for convenience when soldering. All include a high level of detail and represent the prototype as accurately as I am able after considerable research. Outside valve gear has correct forked joints and full expansion links. The products are robust, working models with generous bearings and driving wheels that can be dropped out for maintenance.

Full springing of all wheels is a feature. Hornblocks and axleboxes are included, but not wheels, gears or motor. As kits are re-stocked, not all wire and hardware will be included in order to reduce costs. Full clearance is provided for P4 – that is my personal interest – but kits may be built in EM or 00 except where stated.

Comprehensive and detailed instructions with many diagrams have attracted favourable comment in the modelling press. Expect all parts to be covered in the text and shown on a diagram.

All kits have been test built – at least in P4 – in order to check for errors. It takes a long time to get a kit just right.


Amounts quoted are per order – for multiple items postage is only charged for one (the biggest) kit. Cheques please. I cannot take credit or debit cards. Full details on the ordering page.