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Tyne Dock-Consett 56 ton iron ore wagon.

Dave Bradwell ironore wagon
One of the sights of the steam age was the transport of iron ore up the bank to Consett using trains of 8 or 9 of these unique wagons.
Cast whitemetal doors complement an accurate detailed etched body.  Only couplings and wheels (Lowmac type) are required.
Reviewed in MRJ #117.

£30 + £2.50 P & P.

21 ton hopper detailing etch

Upgrades the Dapol/Hornby model. Parts are provided for 4 wagons, 3 using the original plastic underframe. The etch contains steps, handrail brackets, door handles, platforms, etc. and a scale chassis with NER type clasp brake gear and high lever.
Several different detail versions are possible and you can always build a higher percentage of wagons with the scale underframe. Review in MRJ #83.

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£12.00 each, 5 for £55 + £2 P & P per order.

BR Brake Van Underframe.

Dave Bradwell brake van underframe
For types built with long steps. Includes information to improve the Airfix/Dapol kit and new etched inner ends giving a neat
way to fit glazing. The only casting provided is the brake cylinder.

£28 + £2 P & P.

14 ton and 16 ton Charles Roberts steel hopper wagon.

Dave Bradwell hopper wagon

Common NCB wagons built from the early 1950s. 2 different kits.

Etch only. £25 + £2 P & P.

BR 13 ton steel hopper

Dave Bradwell hopper wagonDiagrams 1/142 and 1/144. Probably based on early versions of the above these wagons were built between 1949 and 1953.
Etch only.
£24 + £2 P & P

LNER AVB wagon underframes.

This etch builds into the distinctive 10ft. wheelbase underframe with two V hangers on one side. Overlays are provided to enable the wooden solebar version to be produced with the addition of brass angle. Axlebox, spring and brake cylinder castings are required.
Two underframes per pack.
£20 pair + £2 P & P.

Sprung Coach Bogies.

These are the Pendlenton/Mitchell design of sprung bogies with primary and secondary springs, evolved to enable coaching stock to be pushed reliably around reverse curves.

Originally described in MRJ #64, these elegantly simple units have been updated and 8ft 6in and 9ft wheelbase versions are now available.  The frame shape and steps give a closer match to BR and Gresley bogies with 9ft matching the LMS.

Brakes and footsteps are incorporated in the design and wheels, bearings and cosmetic sideframes are required to produce complete bogies.

£8.50 per pair + £2 P & P per order.

Coach Couplings.

Chris Pendlenton designed these “boxhead” couplings as the final element in his battle to propel long rakes of coaches reliably round reverse curves and with Pullman gangways touching and all forces taken at the coupling like prototype Buckeye fitted stock. MRJ 200 described these and other innovations as applied to Bachmann Mk1 coaches.

£10 sheet of 12 pairs + £2 postage.

Spring Plates

An etch of spring plates and two constructed springs
Spring Plates Etch

A fret of 16 spring plates, designed to convert plastic wagon chassis to sprung suspension. Reviewed in Scalefour News 186.

£2 per sheet, or 5 sheets for £8. £1.50 postage (any quantity)

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LNER Single Bolsters

Two four wheel wagonsThe North-East of England had an obsession with single bolsters building large numbers until, in the 1950s, someone discovered that, perhaps, the new fangled bogie bolsters were a much better way of carrying long loads and outstanding orders for large numbers were cancelled. The kit is for the 8 ft wheelbase all steel type built to diagram 197 from 1945.

The BR 10 ft wheelbase version is available as a different kit, same price.

£25 per pair, etch only + £2 P & P per order.

NCB 21 ton hopper

This is the welded version of the very boxy hopper used widely by the NCB.  It requires the Parkside underframe PA10.

Each at £20 + £2  p&p per order

LNER/MoT 21 ton steel iron ore hopper

Dig 167-the one with the curly brake lever and same shape as LNER 21 ton coal hoppers, they ended up mixed in with the normal coal hopper fleet. Etch only for complete body and underframe. Axlebox castings available from Rumney Models, buffers from Lanarkshire Models.

Each at £25 + £2 p&p per order